Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Vison Boarding 2016

It is 2016 and instead of making a list of new year's resolutions, I opted for a more visual goal setting. Vision boarding!

It is so much "funner"!

My husband asked me what gift I wanted for Christmas and I couldn't think of anything.

(As a side note, I am grateful that I feel I have everything I need that is within the Christmas gift budget. Unless he is booking us a trip to Italy or building me a 'new' rustic house by a creek, I am doing perfectly fine with my current material possessions.)

So I thought I'd ask for what I really wanted. A new vision board! We have one but it is about eight years old. 99.99% of the things in there we already accomplished, and more. So I felt we needed a new one. He had a series of facial expressions when I said this. From relief, 'Finally she decided on what she wants.', to disbelief, 'Oh my god what does she want? Why can't she just want a purse?', and finally shaking his head to, 'All right my dear wife, if that's what you want, I am up for the challenge. Bring it on.'

So I said, I wanted a big, wooden, red frame, a stack of old travel, home, and hobby magazines and his time so we can make a new vision board together. He did pretty well. These were the things he got me, for about $40.

A pretty inexpensive Christmas gift.

I painted the frame red while he played old music and we reminisced in the garage (2 hours).

We cut up some pictures from the magazines (1 hour).

We talked about our family's future and our goals (1 hour) and we figured out that some of the things we like were not in any of the magazines. So we got some pictures printed.

Then we pasted everything (2 hours).

In total, the gift I got was an awesome shared vision board, a clear path to the future for our family, and six hours of exclusive couples time (wink, wink).

I think it's the best gift ever. I would take it over shoes or a purse anytime.

From a teacher's point of view, a vision board is better than a list of new year's resolutions. A vision board is results oriented rather than activity oriented. It focuses your mind on what you want to achieve and not on what will keep you busy throughout the year.

A vision board even 'almost' fits the SMART goal setting model (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound).

It is truly Specific and Measurable. I will not make the mistake of getting a different car when my vision board shows a red BMW E30 M3. I will not achieve the goal until I get the car. Instead of a new year's resolution to save money, my goal is the actual ownership of the car. If I didn't save throughout the year and just used all of my pay in one month to buy the car, it doesn't matter. I would've still achieved my goal.

Attainable and Realistic, hmmm. I am always for stretch. I think if you can dream it, you can have it. I am all for 'whatever it is you want, you should go for it'. So I am scrapping attainable and realistic. I am not limiting myself. Everything is attainable and realistic.

Time bound? Yes our vision board is time bound. I will put 2016 on top! I need to have these things, do these activities, and go to these places in the next 12 months. It's daunting but I am all for it!

Life is exciting!