Sunday, May 05, 2013


i was trying to write something and then i found draft blog posts. interesting what i was thinking of at the end of 2011. it's now 2013 and i never got to post it.

so at the end of 2011 i decided to pursue happiness. here i am now. i can say that i am happy. i have left working full time to just create opportunities for myself and earn as much as i want to. life is good.

happiness truly is the highest form of success.



i haven't written in a while. but being the end of the year, i guess i need to write something to bid the year goodbye. after all, today is the last day of 2011 and i will never get another chance to write this year. bwahaha.

with every second that passes, life changes and will never be the same. many pessimists criticize new year's resolutions. they say, what's the point when you can change every day if you really want to, every minute if you want to. you don't need to wait for a new year. so true. and yet a new year gives new hope. a formal, worldwide, universal signal for change. such a great time to look at the past 12 months of life and move on to work on a better life. gives us time to look at the year we will leave behind. not look back at our whole life but only at the last 12 months to see how we did. a self reflection on life, on what we did to pursue happiness. i now realize that that yes, life is just a combination of activities in pursuit of happiness. happiness that we can't even define fully. happiness that means different things to different people.

so this year that will be my new year's resolution. intentionally pursue happiness. some will say it's a pointless pursuit. i know others will of think it as selfish. honestly, i don't care what anyone thinks. i am excited to finally have the freedom to live my life the way i want to. i am sure i can do anything. i just gave myself permission.

so what were the highlights?

wasn't the hardest financially, on the way to recovery
was the most personally rewarding
learning year
stronger personal relationship
young adult children
opportunities that changed my life forever
just do it
lost weight
let go of responsibilities to others and became responsible to myself
extended my mind

great year! i am so looking forward to more in 2012.