Saturday, April 09, 2011

acronyms, now and then

what are the secrets of a long and happy marriage? idk (i don't know). if i knew they wouldn't be secrets and i'd be a millionaire. lol (laughing out loud). i've been married for a long time. and yes, to the same man. and happily too. well, most of the time. i don't know the secrets to a long and happy marriage but i can definitely give some pointers. i did learn some things in 16 years.

don't lie - never ever. you can strategically deliver the truth but never lie. respect your partner's intelligence. and remember, there is such a thing as lying by ommission. you can't do that too.

maintain the mystery - don't show your partner everything specially personal hygiene activities. what value would brushing your teeth in front of your partner add to your relationship, may i ask?

forget - this is the only good side to having had 3 caesarean sections. i can't remember. when i try to bring back details of previous fights to strengthen my stand in the current fight, i can't remember. so no fight lasts a long time.

be fast at saying sorry and forgiving - my husband does this perfectly. i need to work on it. he says sorry even before i complain. at first it seemed thoughtless. he hasn't even heard what i wanted to say and he says he is sorry. but it works. when he sees i feel bad he immiediately says "i'm sorry for whatever made you feel bad. i never intend to hurt you." that gets him what he wants. then i become submissive and ready for him a3 (anyplace, anywhere, anytime).

do the little sweet nothings - make sure you still do the little nice things that you used to do in the past. like hhww (holding hands while walking), giving hello and goodbye kisses, saying tccic (take care coz i care).

and most importantly, laugh - try to laugh together often for long periods of time until tears run down your cheeks. if you can't find anything to laugh about, search for funny stuff on cable. you're paying so much for that, use it well.

the foundation of our 21 year relationship - openness, sex, and laughter. oh and of course love. omg (oh my god) how could i have forgotten that?

what does my husband say to all this? wtf (you already know this, you use it too often). tldr (too long didn't read).

the ultimate secret to a long and happy marriage? japan (just always pray at night). rofl (rolling on the floor laughing).

g2g, b4n.

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